R E S O U R C E S & C O D E

I combine these 3 softwares through OSC protocol….

NETLOGO gives you nice modelling tools, mainly coming from ecology, such as collective animal motion, complex networks, etcetera.

PUREDATA is a powerful tool to process data and convert it to audiovisual patterns

WEKINATOR is useful to apply machine learning algorithms in a simple way to any inout that you have: webcam, kinect or any dataset from other software

Here’s an example of Netlogo, where I took network models (Barabasi model) to create visual patterns that I coordinated (by hand) with my music:

Here’s an example where I used Netlogo to recreate a pigeon flock dynamics from real data. Then I used PureData to produce sound from the pigeon’s X,Y and Z coordinates

You can connect them through Netlogo’s [osc] extension, available at my github

Another example, where I used  PureData+ReacTIVision to receive and process X,Y coordinates of a fiducial (QR) captured in the camera. Then, I used Wekinator to learn specific positions, and associate them to specific drum beats.